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Crochet baby sneakers (6 – 12 months)

Hello sneaky lil shoes!

I call them sneaky little ones, cos I took time to do it between chores and did them little by little each day and every time they wanted to play hide and seek with me(Ah! don’t judge me, I ain’t disorganized). I made these for an adorable little bub, which ended up matching his dad’s shoes.

20141122_133001There is a free pattern that I know of on Ravelry, but I was in no mood to follow the pattern. So took inspiration from the pattern and went with my hook’s flow.

For the sole, I followed my pattern from Crochet baby boots. However I’ve used the contrasting white colour from step 5 to step 8. So now following from step 8,

8: 1 dc around the sole. sl st to join and cut off the yarn. We’re going to be joining the new color for the next round.20141112_092256

9: Now here’s tricky part where you have to eye it for yourself, as to where you want start the front part of the shoes. I decided to fold them vertically and pinch where I wanted it to start, so the ending to would be in line with it. I decided to do 24 stitches.

24 sc around the front part of the shoes.

10: sc2tog 12 times.

11: sc2tog 6 times.

12: sc2tog 3 times. sl st to join.


13: Now for the flappy front section, 12 sc at the front part.

14: Ch 2, 11 dc, turn.

15: Ch 2, 11 dc, turn.

16: Ch 2, 9 dc, turn.

17: Ch 2, 9 dc, turn.

18: Ch1, 3 sc, 2 hdc, 4 sc, sl st and cut off the yarn, Weave the ends


19: Now starting at the same point where you started the front part. sc around the rest of the shoes. Work your way up, till your desired height. I don’t have a pattern for it as I roughly eyed them up.

20141122_13333320: For the lace, ch 50. I used clear tape to secure the edges and stop fraying.(Elementary!)


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