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Crochet Pillow Cover

Hello plush little pillow!

Although my intention originally was to make a doily rug, I ended up using the doily on one side of the pillow cover. I started making concentric circles as usual, then made a sc row using alternate color yarn. Now made the tiny bobbles around to give it some texture.IMG_0160IMG_0166Then, its the usual crochet as you go procedure. Did it till I could get the design I wanted. If you want the crochet pattern for it, let me know in the comments and I may write a post on it.

Rug_BlueNow, this doily was too small to be a rug, and a bit too large to be a table mat. I had just ruined one of my memorable and coziest dress, and I was in dire need to up cycle it (wasn’t time to part ways yet, the hoarder in me peaks through). So decided to hand-sew(don’t have a machine, don’t know to operate one) a pillow cover.


I’ve never made a tassel before, here’s my first one. Funny story, back in India these were called kunjalam and is a staple hair accessory for most traditional occasions. I hated them, and thought they were so outdated and it was uncool to be sporting one. Now that tassels and pom poms are a trend, I’ve taken a liking to them(bad, I know).

DSC_0053DSC_0056I plopped these on to my purple bean bag, adding pops of color to the corner.


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