Crochet country House – Tissue Box Cover


Sorry for the inconvenience, for the written pattern to the blog post, please click the link below to our newly launched website.

Crochet country house tissue box coverHouse Collage

10 thoughts on “Crochet country House – Tissue Box Cover

  1. I’m going t make this for my daughter who is six and loves little things I’ll make it so the roof detaches and she can use her tiny dolls in it thank you it’s very cute


  2. Hai
    Am new to crochet and planning to make this house tissue coverplease tell where to find the video u mentioned in he discribtion


    1. Hi, when you click where it says scalloped crocodile stitch(in the first line of the blog post) you’d be taken to the video. But since you haven’t noticed it, here’s the link . But the video only has the explanation for the roof part. You have to know how to read crochet patterns to make the house. Thank you! Have fun crocheting.


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