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First knit.

A big hello to the world of knits,
Although my blog tag line claims it also includes knit projects, I have to admit I just got time to finally teach myself to knit. I had to add it in the description because I was somehow going to knit and that right there on top would motivate me. Youtube has been my mentor and I’m more than thankful to the helpful soul who put this video up there. It took me a week to learn to cast on without tugging at the yarn and to knit. And finally, I’ve successfully made my first ever knit dishcloth.  Although  the project fulfilled the longing of my old soul, it didn’t do much good to my arms. It hurt bad, probably I was holding the needles wrong or something. I would love to get better at it soon. Crochet is a lot more forgiving, I can easily make changes if I did go wrong some places without any traces of corrections. However, I still have a lot more to learn about knitting and work through its tips and tricks.


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