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Crochet in less than an hour purse


Hello! This is one quick crochet project, and if you have a sewing machine and if you know how to use it you’ve got yourself a purse in less than an hour. Poor me, I don’t have a sewing machine and I had to sew it all by hand(That explains the not so even edges). And it still was a quick enough project and I love how well it has turned out. This is the pattern for the flower motif that I’ve used and I hope I’m not infringing anybody’s rights to the pattern.


I made three of these and stitched it to the purse. I mostly free handed the measurements of the purse and cut out the length of fabric which housed all three in a horizontal line across. I’ve used a stretchy cottony fabric(up cycled T-shirt) hence to make it sturdier used a backing and a lining fabric. Hope you have fun making this as much as I did.


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