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Lace clutch


No, I dont type like that normally but I wanted to say a hello that’s as enthusiastic as I am now. I made this lace crochet purse and I’m beyond proud of how it looks after I’ve completed it.

Items needed:
A 17x11cms purse
Nude coloured fabric with extra 1cm seam allowance
Anchor knitting cotton Shade 291
Hook 2.5 mm


I used a falling leaves pattern from this page, oh no that’s how I’ve named it when its actually Crochet leaf stitch

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Crochet in less than an hour purse


Hello! This is one quick crochet project, and if you have a sewing machine and if you know how to use it you’ve got yourself a purse in less than an hour. Poor me, I don’t have a sewing machine and I had to sew it all by hand(That explains the not so even edges). And it still was a quick enough project and I love how well it has turned out. This is the pattern for the flower motif that I’ve used and I hope I’m not infringing anybody’s rights to the pattern.


I made three of these and stitched it to the purse. I mostly free handed the measurements of the purse and cut out the length of fabric which housed all three in a horizontal line across. I’ve used a stretchy cottony fabric(up cycled T-shirt) hence to make it sturdier used a backing and a lining fabric. Hope you have fun making this as much as I did.

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Crochet Purse

IMG_0197.JPGThe first purse I had crocheted. And the purse is a good choice to be working on, if you’ve just mastered the double crochet. I had written down this pattern a while ago, and I don’t have a source for it now. I’m sure it must be copyrighted, so I’m not taking any risks posting that written down pattern here. If you want the pattern write to me in the comments and I may just mail you my version.

purse DSC01495